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Snowcross school

You have always dreamed of snowmobile driving? May be you can drive a snowmobile and would like to improve your skills? Or you have already bought a snowmobile but cannot drive it?
Than join us!!!

Qualified coaches: snowcross sports masters and the head of our school will teach you everything that they know!!!
Training cost with a club snowmobile: 100 € or in roubles at the exchange rate in the day of a training. Training cost includes:
  • Snowmobile rent
  • Track rent
  • Gear rent
  • Training with a coach
  • LYNX RS 600 model is used in our school. Acceleration up to 100 km/h for 2,5 sec!
    Pauli Piippola, who is a world known Finnish racer and who was called just Paukka by snowmobile competition admirers, has become famous all over the world thanks not only to his sport advances but also to design achievements. His engineering pinnacle is a PPS arbor support (abbreviation made of Pauli Piippola Suspension) which he designed in Finland on Lynx plant owned by a Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products. That is Finn’s pinnacle materializing absolutely new innovatory force distribution which is applied in a snowmobile LYNX RAVE RS 600. Thanks to PPS this vehicle becomes more and more popular among our countrymen and the last sports season has proved it. And it is no wonder considering the fact that a lot of world snowcross championships were won with the application of this arbor support. However, besides application of the legendary arbor support a snowmobile LYNX RAVE RS 600 is characterized with such specialties as considerably high-power engine (capability is 126 horsepower) and with a rather practical aluminum steering wheel with turned-up handles.