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Our team

"AURORA" team includes people who have proved that they deserve to be its members with their insistence, talent and victory eagerness. From year to year our team has been growing bigger and we will be glad if you will deserve to be its part.
Team sportsmen get sponsorship, change overall physical condition regime:
  • Acrobatics
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Training process at the track and also motorcycle preparation to races.
  • Sergey Chulochnikov Sergey Chulochnikov

    Sergey Chulochnikov

    Head of school
    Main coach
    Artem Pehterev Artem Pehterev

    Artem Pehterev

    Artem Piyanusov Artem Piyanusov

    Artem Piyanusov

    Daniil Polonsky Daniil Polonsky

    Daniil Polonsky

    Vladimir Overchenko Vladimir Overchenko

    Vladimir Overchenko

    Dmitriy Petrov Dmitriy Petrov

    Dmitriy Petrov